Payroll Services

Business owners and operators wear many hats. Successful companies employ qualified staff to help their business thrive and grow. WF understands this involves putting the right people in the right places and minimizing risk. Keeping up with the latest labor and payroll tax laws is challenging and time consuming; incorrectly filing payroll taxes or entering deductions could expose your business to severe liability. WF’s payroll team stays abreast of the latest laws and rules for tax filings, deductions, records retention and all your payroll-processing needs through trainings and certifications. As a trusted resource, our sound advice and responsive services will help keep you complaint so you can focus on what your business does best:

Services include:

  • Process weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, monthly or any schedule necessary to meet your payroll processing needs.
  • Standard or costumed reporting.
  • Direct Deposit.
  • Employee Self-Service.
  • Remote time entry by employer.
  • Secure portal for document storage and exchange.
  • Support for worker compensation or unemployment audits.
  • Payroll liability check processing.
  • Prepare checks, initiate electronic deposits, for 941, 940, unemployment, state and local withholding.
  • Prepare payroll tax returns and W-2 reporting.
  • 401(k) reporting.
  • Track paid time-off accrual.
  • Flexible Spending Account Administration.
  • Third Party Sick Pay- coordination with insurance carriers on proper admitting and reporting.
  • Affordable Care Act (1095) Reporting.